Ok so what’s it all about then?, surely it’s just another blog filled with mindless ramblings of an idiot, probably, well kinda.

What’s the aim of this site? The aim of this site is so highlight the plight of someone who has suffered and does suffer from a mental illness and how biking and activities have been used successfully as a coping mechanism and to show others who suffer similarly that there is a alternative to being beaten by the dark cloud.

I like many am subject to the dark cloud, though no one now likes to label it, it has been diagnosed as both as severe clinical depression by psychiatrists and PTSD by psychologists as a result of unfortunate circumstances growing up having been subjected to some pretty shite abuse in all forms. However over a period of 25 years since first diagnosed I have managed to find some pretty neat coping mechanisms that I would really like to share. I am not going to ramble on to much about my actual illness because it does not define me, I define me, I choose. And anyhow in a strict British way “Stop moaning now, stiff upper lip and all that, ching ching darling, don’t talk about the war.” I say stop that “its just silly” 1 in 3 suffer from mental illnesses, being open about it and being open about what works to relive it can only help everyone. So here we go

What’s the meaning of all this? Well ok, I’m hoping that I can provide some inspiration to fellow people who struggle like I do mentally, or people that have been through shit and just feel like it’s relentless, it always happens, so what’s the friggin point? I hope that I can make people or even just one person feel like they are not alone, like I have for so long. I will explain how my illness affects me, cripples me sometimes, destroys the chance for happiness, crushes relationships and generally gets in the way of everything. I hope that I can show people, or indeed that one person, that if I can do it, anyone can. It’s not hard doing active stuff; life’s the hard bit to get to grips with. Doing active stuff helps that; trust me, I’m a screw up.

So what am I doing? Well, just riding away from my cloud, basically, how far, how often and for how long depends on the support I can muster.

Who’s going? Me and anyone else I can get to accompany me on as many adventures as possible.

Are you nuts? YES apparently without shame or question. If you don’t believe me, read the About Me section. Cuckoo cuckoo.

Why? Because I can, and if I can’t do anything, it will be funny to suffer and come out the other end.

Am I scared? Yes and no. What scares me more is doing nothing and sitting around here peering into my head and allowing crap to dwell there. I don’t doubt there will be countless instances on adventures where it’s totally shite and I think what the hell am I doing here, why did I do this, how stupid am I? But I generally think those things in Tesco so hey ho, it will just be the scenery that’s different, and of course the consequences.