What’s this crap about then?, surely it’s just another blog filled with mindless ramblings of some wanna be adventure biker, probably, well yeah sorry.

What’s the point of it?  basically I am going to try and sell bikepacking and indeed biking as a form of therpy for keeping those days when feeling flat and blue at bay.  I have wrestled with mental crap for a good chunk of my life, and have tried some archaic but effective treatments and therpies to try and alleviate some of it, so I kinda have an understanding of what works and what doesnt. I’ve found that biking and such activities have been so very successful as a coping mechanism, for me anyhow, and I hope to show others who suffer similarly that there is a alternative to being beaten by the black dog.

What is bikepacking ? Bikepacking is kinda a mixture of backpacking across mountainous or remote terrain and touring cycling off road, generally on trekking routes, fire, gravel or dirt roads, often away from civilised society.

But whats the point? Well ok, I’m hoping that I can provide some inspiration to people who struggle, occasionally, like me with the black cloud or dog, or people that have been through shit and just feel like it’s relentless, it always happens, so what’s the friggin point? I hope that I can make people or even just one person feel like they are not alone, because thats a horrible place to be. I will try portay how my crap has in the past affected me, crippled me sometimes, sometimes destroyed the chances for happiness, crushes relationships with a thor like hammer and generally can get in the way of everything, in a none moaning way.  I hope i can show how I beat it back, what helps me and what does not. I hope that I can show people, or even one person, that if I can do it, anyone can. It’s not hard doing active stuff; life’s the hard bit to get to grips with. Doing active stuff helps that; trust me, give it a go, you will like it, promise.

So what am I doing? Well, just riding away from my cloud, basically, as much as i can, to as many places as i can, solo, because this is my happy place, blasting around up and down mountains on a loaded bike, floats my boat. How far, how often and for how long depends mostly on funds and time avaiable and the support I can muster.

Who’s going? Me, just me.

Why? Because I can, and if I can’t do something, the experience will be funny to somebody, or make a interesting story.

Am I scared doing stuff solo and screwing up? Yes and no. What scares me more is doing nothing and sitting around here peering into my head and seeing whats in there, countless hours of therpy have made me relalise too much looking aint always good. What also scares me is getting old and thinking i could have experienced more, travelled more, experienced more.

I have had countless instances on mini adventures were it’s totally shite, something has gone very wrong, and I think what the hell am I doing here, why did I do this, how stupid am I, this is dangerous, dick!!! But I generally think similar things also amongst society when watching people part of a cog, working their arses off all week so they can go out at the weekend and buy shit they dont need and to pay for houses they spend very little time in or cars they can drive back and to, to work in, sad.


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