I felt really motivated today to put the first blog post up, given it’s National Mental Health Day.

Motivation seems a good place to start the blog, without motivation we would do nothing, there would be no will to do anything. Of course everything we do is driven by a motivation for something. I shower because I’m motivated not to smell, I’m motivated to trim my beard so I don’t look so unkempt, I’m motivated to work so I can buy the things I need. In fact every time someone does something it’s because they are motivated to do it for some reason. When I come across someone doing something seemingly selflessly, I often ask, myself, “why are they doing that, what is their motivator, what are they looking to gain from doing it? ” Occasionally people have no motivator and there’s nothing in it for them, though this is rare in my experience, but does happen. When they do happen these instances occur mainly in family environments, or in aid, care or charity situations. However it could be argued that even selfless acts of goodwill will undoubtably leave the provider feeling good about himself or herself in some form or another, thus raising their self image.

As a self check I often ask myself why am I doing this and what is my motvator, if on refection I think that its not a good reason, then I stop and reevaluate what im doing. Often I will ask myself, why am I doing this, for what reason, am I doing it because its good for me, or because it is expected by peers or other people will be impressed, neither of which are reasons justifiable for doing anything.

So what motivates me to do this trip, ok so you know about the 3 types of enjoyment right?

Type 1 enjoyment, an activity that you will love both whilst your undertaking it and afterwards.

Type 2 enjoyment, activities that you don’t enjoy at the time, but afterwards on reflection you really enjoy, normally, for me anyhow, I tend to fondly remember type 2 fun instances more than type 1. This is due I believe that with type 2 enjoyment there is generally a strong feeling of self achievement from overcoming something that you weren’t enjoying at the time. I certainly grow as a person and built my confidence by achieving things that needed to be overcome.

Type 3 enjoyment , activities which are bad at the time and on reflection are bad afterwards. Though these should be avoided they are an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, an opportunity to accept that they occur and an opportunity to grow from experience. One good thing about type 3 enjoyment is that they generally make great stories.

So needless to say I expect my expedition to be compiled with mainly type 2 enjoyment with second largest percentage being type 1 and hopefully not too much of type 3, although all are necessary in order to fully appreciate the other.

So back to the motivators

To experience all types of enjoyment, to grow as a person from type 3, to feel self achievement from type 2 and to enjoy those special type 1 activities. I imagine the type 1’s to be long warm descents into alpine valleys and seeing different cultures living their lives in harmony.

My other motivators are to feel like I have archieved something worthwhile in my life, beyond my children. To experience something out of the norm, so I can, if I make it there, sit in my armchair as an old, ok older man and think, shit that was pretty special and I crammed a lot in, yes it was a shitty start but I came through it and countered it with some doing some pretty cool stuff, and hopefully though doing this, that, I actually motivated someone else that sufferes to be inspired and motivatied to help themselves change their mindset.

I am very conscious of filling my life with the good stuff given how much of it has been filled with crap and how much of it has been wasted chasing demons around my head. The thing about mental illness is in my view that the best person to help is you and the worst person to make you feel worse is you, you are your mind, take control of it, its not a separate entity, though it may seem like it sometimes.

So it’s my view that we should do as much in life of those things that make us feel good, family time, adventure and exploring whilst minimising the things that do us harm now or in the future. Remember that doing type 2 enjoyment things are generally the best, like exercise, I hate exercise, but I always always feel better afterwards.

Unfortunately people’s motivators can also be bad, and this is important to remember as its were many of us fall, they may seem like a great idea at the time, however such short term enjoyment will likely have a detrimental effect later on either for us, our loved ones or others, such as drinking, drugs, smoking spending time with friends who dont have your interests at heart (remember whats their motivator ??? ), partying to hard, not eating properly, eating too much, etc, etc.

Other forms of toxic or bad motivators are those carried out by sadistic people, who get off on causing harm to others. In such occurrences people who cause us such shit are generally doing it because they have issues themselves in one form or another, lets face it they wouldnt feel the need, if they were not pretty messed up themselves. Whilst it is unfortunate that such people exist and we do come across them in life, recognising them and distancing yourself from them is essential for mental wellbeing. I like this saying “a bird may land on your head, but its up to you whether you allow it to nest there”. you dont have to put up with toxic messed up people, there are enough good people out there, with good motivators, who have your wellfare in mind, not theres, go seek them out. Despite the fact these people exist we do have a mental armour we can use and that is, WE have the ability to allow them to get us down or not.

Over the last week I have found a few motivational pictures and videos shown below, please check them out…..and hopefully be motivated….




Your Life in Weeks: – seeing how much of our lives are filled with the other stuff and how little of life we have to do the things that are nejoyable is a eye opener and a motivator in itself………….!


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