With all the bags now here and the majority of the kit available to pack thought a great way to spend a wet monday evening was to do a pack. idea being to keep weight low in the bike. having loaded everything a few times the most efficient way was found, eventually.

Over the last few weks have been spent when not working, testing the gear on the hill, wildcamping and bagging some mountains.

unloaded, o my lord
easy loaded with loads of spare space
well balanced
spewed out again

I am pretty impressed with the camera, pros are its ace, cons, I need a case for it as one that comes with it is pointless and was quickly replaced with a ankle sock and it also needs a crimp lens cover.

However I am very impressed with the quality of the camera and the results.


On a camp equipment point of view, titanium pans are super light, but in wind the lid for the pan kept blowing off so a rock or something is needed on top when in use to avoid chasing it down the mountain, as experienced, doh……

peace x




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