Switzerland Zurich to Gstaad bikepacking adventure

ho ho riding away for Christmas, merry Christmas. 
an alpine mini adventure proudly sponsored by Haribo and Stooge Cycles ( not really) another day of ups and down, why this still surprising me when I do this shit I don’t know, I think with mountain biking I am just gonna have to accept it, long hard day in all sorts of conditions, freezing fog being the worst, riding with thermal leggings, shorts, under shorts and trousers, down jacket and still cold, and I don’t usually do cold so it was friggin cold. in try Jules stylie I went over a mountain pass I don’t need to but made up the distance riding till 9pm and now settled with my bivy bag, Christmas decorations on the bike and hot food on the go life is sweet, big spanks to Judith Bojert for driving 4 hours this morning to drop me off, Seren, what great friends I have. big push tomorrow to get over next mountain pass but happy to hit it now, I was pretty apprehensive this morning about the conditions and ice, but managed to stay up right, bonus, peace guys and girls on earth this great night. merry flipping Christmas to you all x

Zurich to interlaken bikepack nailed, completed first leg of bikepack arriving after 10 hours of riding and hike a biking, yay what a barsteward of a day though, woke to see the rock face I had planned sleeping under on Google satellite it looked like tiny but was pretty cool, packing up I was greeted by a lady walking her dog, goes to show no matter how remote dog walkers will find you haha, she thought I was crazy for some reason. anyhow set off and first job get some water, my msr trailshot decided it wasn’t going to work, so stripped it and dropped flipping one way valve in the lake, shithouse, so just had to dip bottle in lake and hope for the best, set off and knowing I had probably 80 k to do today and a 1100m pass to climb I didn’t stop for Christmas lunch of dehydrated meal but choose to have 1/4 baguette made at Judes 2 days ago. long hard day made harder but not having a map, stupid me and relying on technology of phone and mapping, only it so cold phone battery was dying real quick despite only putting on when needed, as I promised myself before I really need to renew my knackered GPS and get maps of where I am going. anyhow hit freezing fog and big hikeabikes, at one point having run out of haribos and having somehow list my chocolate, struggling to find fresh water and having had very little food I hit a wall and a serious melt down of sense of humour, I pushed on pissed off nowhere was open and feeling drained I rounded a corner and found a restaurant/bar open i dived in and in best German asked for coffee and enquired whether they would accept my card, as I asked I was shaking from exhaustion she told me minimum of 20 francs on card I grabbed two sweet things and asked if they did food she offered me a sandwich and waved the minimum spend telling me to go and sit and she would bring them over, I thought that was a good idea before I collapsed. feed and coffee up I set off. now I had 3 options it’s 41km at least to interlaken it’s 4pm and starting to go dark, option 1 take train and arrive in an hour option 2 stay in a room at the restaurant bar thing or head out over 1100m pass caked in deep snow and ice, can you guess how stupid I am. so with decsion made I head off up the pass in my 5-10’s the path is steep and covered in deep slipy ice, I can do this, i say to myself if I turn back how will I consider myself later or tomorrow so I continue it was ok till I reached about 300m below the summit when the ice turned into deep frozen snow, the only track through it was a tractor and the stooge Stooge Cycles worked it’ magic until the snow was no longer frozen and I had 300m of ascent left I pushed on, turning on my phone occasional to check I was on the right route, now for anyone wondering what it’s like to push a loaded bike up a steep ascent for about 2k through deep snow, it’s stupid and silly is what it is. to make shite worse my water had frozen it was dark and my 5/10’s were soaked, I swapped them for my boots and carried on stopping every 20m catching my breath and continuing I needed water badly so had to carry on, eventually I hit the summit and was so so glad and happy I went to the train station there and filled my water and head off downward now into interlaken valley, witnessed an amazing cloud inversion again over the entire valley, in was super glad to be going down and when I got into the places habitated I came across a vending machine at a train station that took card. eyeing the goodies I choose a fanta and a king sized snickers mmm pressed my selections and computer says no on my card, try again nope shite everywhere is closed and I now have a massive usher craving so I head onwards just 22k left beast it out and eventually arrive joyful and happy, shower coffee, destroyed friends cookie collection and am a happy festive bikepacker a little mad apparently, peace and merry Christmas to anyone bored enough to actually read this shite

short but tough day with snow falling overnight and on off bouts of blizzards coupled with a headwind the 2.5 hour ride, which should have been a sinch turned into a right work out this morning. when arriving in spitz I choose to wimp out of no next leg and get out of the snow and heavy winds and take the train to the fat bike centre. #copout




what a mtb dream way to spend new years, long time in the planning to bike using trails as much as possible from Zurich to Gstaad the winter fat bike capital and head out tonight to a alpine shelter with a fire. A first for me tonight biking on sheet ice to get here in sub minus conditions in the DARK, wooow. which in all honesty was a peace of pith 
pretty cool shelter, fire, gluvine food cooked on the fire. 
happy New year guys and girls peace, here’s to hoping 18 is better than 17. 
peace and love and all things nice.


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