Triban 180 a solo welsh mini bikpacking adventure

sorry for not updating this for a while, heres some mini adventures

Triban 180

little 3.5 day solo bikepacking adventure 3199.m of ascent 121km, if any fancies it take a strimmer and sense of humour

Squirrels – came back to tent early to find it being occupied by something Inside obviously distress, thinking it was a bird I opened their door to find a squirrel darting around inside, it fled out of the door, 1/2 hour later I leave the tent and this time thinking sensibly close the inner door, when I return the squirrel had been back for another go, clawing at the side panel and eventually chewing through the zip, destroying the door zip. What a first who would have thought needed to be careful of wildlife in n Wales, wasn’t even any food inside bar sealed dehydrated meals. Dread to think how much replacement zip will be on a terra nova voyager ultralight anyone any ideas












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