Olympus TG4

the olympus TG4 is hopefully jules proof as i needed a good compact camera that will capture the sights im likely to encounter.

I have used this camera for 2 years now, its been everywhere with me, ive dropped it, used it in heavy rain, abused it and its going as strong as ever, beautiful pictures and super easy to use. It starts up instantly too, which helps when your trying to capture something quickly, bonus. The only downside to it is it uses a unique cable for downloading and charging, a pain when your out and about for charging. However the battery life is ace and generally lasts me the entire time i am away, weeks at a time.

I would highly recommend this camera, red as well in case you drop it haha.


manufacturers specification and description

“Tough TG-4 at a Glance

The Tough TG-4 is rugged enough to go anywhere, but its powerful imaging technology makes this camera the most versatile yet. Sophisticated features like RAW capture, nighttime Live Composite, Microscope Modes, and the super-bright F2.0 wide-angle zoom lens create amazing images no matter how challenging the environment, while built-in Wi-Fi, fast GPS, and the multifunction e.Compass help you to find, shoot, and share your adventures like never before.

  1. 16 Megapixel Live 
MOS Sensor
  2. Full HD 
1080p Video
  3. RAW Capture
  4. High-Speed F2.0 Wide Angle Lens
  5. Super Macro Modes
  6. Built-in Wi-Fi
  7. Waterproof to 50 ft / 15 m
  8. Shockproof to 7 ft / 2.1 m
  9. Enhanced GPS & e.Compass
  10. Crushproof to 220 lbf / 100 kgf
  11. Freezeproof to 14°F / -10°C
  12. Dustproof “


Camera Case

I have the designated soft case for this camera, brought as a present, which i did not expect to be of much use, as it was tight to get in and out, but it has proved to be robust and easy to use, the elasticated cord works a treat, so even if i drop it its not going far, which has happened, so im well thankful of it and a big fan of the case, which is always up front so I easy access the camera one handed to take pics.








Ipod Classic with 80gb loaded with a wide selection of music and audiobooks, essential for long long periods of otherwise silence.

Or music on phone, though generally prefer silance and just the sound of my bike rolling along, nature etc.

Watch, GPS, etc

Garmin fennix 2


Tried and tested watch with all the bells and whistles on it, compass, altimeter, barometer, GPS, trackback etc.

This watch has taken a battering and proves to be more than capable at taking it, great for tracking routes. I am on my second strap now, but the first one held out for years. It cahrges quickly and usually lasts about 1.5 , 10 hours days of tracking and recording. Downside, battery life and specific cable, if i really had to go negative about anything

Manufacturers description and specification

“Full Featured Training Watch for Multisport Athletes

  • Tracks distance, pace and heart rate¹
  • Calculates recovery time and VO2 max estimate (when used with a heart rate monitor¹)
  • HRM-Run™ monitor¹ adds data for cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation
  • Connected features², including uploads to Garmin Connect™ and BaseCamp™ for live tracking and sharing
  • High-sensitivity GPS positioning, 3-axis compass with altimeter and barometer”


Spare Battery pack, Goal zero venture 30

Thjis little baby is a must have, a real life saver, allows me to charge batteries when away on trips, it will charge a smart phone around 3 times, fully, doesnt weigh that much and seems really robust, having used it for 2 years, it does exactly what its meant to, well, could not be without, if anything i could do with another one.

nomad charger

Charge Times

    • Any USB Power Source: 2.5 hours
    • Nomad 7 Solar Panel: 2.5 – 5 Hours

Battery Details

    • Cell Type: Li-ion NMC
    • Peak Capacity: 9.4Wh (3.6V, 2600mAh)
    • Lifecycles: hundreds of cycles
    • Shelf-life: Keep plugged in, or charge every 3-6 months
    • Fuses: none
    • Management system: Charging and low-battery protection built-in


    • USB port (output): 5V, up to 1A (5W max), regulated
    • USB-port (input): 5V, up to 1A (5W max), regulated


  • Chainable: No
  • Weight: 2.5 oz. (70 g)
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 0.75 x 0.75 in (9.2 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm)
  • Operating usage temp.: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
  • Certs: CE, FCC, ROHS
  • Cell Chemistry: Li-ion NMC
  • Cell Type: 18650 by LG chem/Samsung
  • Cell Capacity: 29Wh (3.7V, 7800mAh)
  • Lifecycles: hundreds of cycles
  • Shelf-life: Keep plugged in, or charge every 3-6 months
  • Fuses: none
  • Management system: Charging and low-battery protection built-in
  • IP Rating: IPX6
  • Weight: 8.8 oz (250 g)
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.25 x 1 in (11.4 x 8.25 x 2.5 cm)
  • Charging Times
    • Venture 30: 8-16 hours


    • USB Port: 5V, up to 1.4 A (800mA)(7W max), regulated
    • Mini Solar Port (2.5mm): 8-9V, up to .8A (800mA)(7W max)


Solar Panels

I have two panel, they are meant to be a great way of gathering electric in the day, although I have had mixed sucess with the goal zero one, even in spain with very clear bright sunlight. The other sun tactics is meant to be better but i have not tried it out in the field yet.

NEW Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

Reengineered to be lighter and smarter, the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel has the innovative technology to charge USB devices directly from the sun. Detachable kickstand for modularity and power-flow indicator ensure the best solar charging experience.


  • Rated Power: 7W (8-9V)
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 8-9V
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline


    • Weight with Kickstand: 12.8 oz (363 g)
    • Weight without Kickstand: 9.2 oz (260 g)
    • Dimensions (unfolded): 13 x 8.75 x 0.5 in (33 x 22.23 x 1.27 cm)
    • Dimensions (folded): 6.5 x 8.75 x 0.75 in (16.5 x 22.23 x 1.9 cm)
    • Max Leg Angle: 90 degrees



I have been using a Garmin gps 60 for a long time, its robust and works well, you just need to be mindful of ensuring that all waypoints have downloaded from basemap before going out. Battery life is around 2 x 10 hour days. It does not have a big memory or basemap so its very basic.


GPS, Mapping, Sattalite Tracking and messaging

inReach Explorer Extreme Communication Kit

What can i say, this works really well and is my life line, knowing that i have full global coverage and someone on the end of the message should the crap hit the fan is a big motivator for pushing myself.

It means friends and family can plot my course and see where i am, it also means i can message anyone and receive messages from anyone, anywhere. Great product, great service, essential in my books.

Supporting software is great and easy to use, export routes etc. Love it.

manufacturers specifictaion and description

“Communicate from anywhere, on the grid or off, with inReach Explorer Extreme Communication Kit. Includes inReach Explorer, Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel, Goal Zero Flip 10 Recharger, and Orange inReach Protective & Flotation Case.

Navigate, create waypoints, log your trip and find your way back. Send and receive text messages. Trigger an interactive SOS. Plan, track and share your journey. You can do all of this from one rugged handheld device with 100% global coverage from Iridium. You can also pair it with your mobile device to access topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts.

inReach Explorer: How It Works

inReach Explorer is the satellite communicator from DeLorme that puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand without having to pair the device:

  • Send and receive free-form, 160-character text messages outside of cell phone range.
  • Includes digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer
  • Includes an odometer and displays useful trip statistics while in the field, such as trip time, max speed, moving average, trip distance
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery lasts about 100 hours at continuous operation at 10-minute tracking intervals with a clear view to the sky. Extended tracking mode can extend battery life even more for long-haul trips.
  • Color screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text for standalone two-way messaging
  • GPS accuracy to +/- 5 meters
  • Water rating: IP67 (withstands incidental water exposure; tested for submersion at one meter for 30 minutes).
  • Rugged, dustproof and impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810G for shock; IP67 for dust).
  • Impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810G for shock)
  • Internal lithium polymer battery (2,450 mAh capacity at 3.7 V)
  • SOS messages are received by GEOS, a worldwide emergency response coordination center with 24/7/365 staffing
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Email, SOS and tracking functions work anywhere in the world; SMS availability may vary by country.
  • 100% global coverage via the Iridium satellite network, which is the world’s furthest-reaching satellite communications network.
  • Maintains a satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments and embeds precise location coordinates in sent messages.
  • Pairs via Bluetooth with Apple iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire with bluetooth (smartphones and tablets)
  • Intuitive LED indicator for satellite availability.
  • Audible message notifications.
  • Post to social media.
  • Built on award-winning technology pioneered with our first inReach device.
inReach Explorer Protective and Flotation Case, Orange

Cushioning neoprene case provides protective and flotation capabilities for your inReach Explorer. Includes a clear screen cover, button cutout for easy operating access and buoyant neoprene/scuba material.

  • Buoyant neoprene material
  • Reflective case loop
  • Easy button access
  • Clips securely with swivel pack clip
  • Includes carabineer

Pair inReach Explorer for the Complete Experience

Both inReach models can be used in conjunction with DeLorme’s Earthmate app on a mobile device and our Explore web portal. When paired with your mobile device, the capabilities of either inReach product is enhanced. Previously downloaded map data is only accessible during paired mode. Pairing inReach allows you to use your mobile device to send messages from the Earthmate app.

Earthmate App

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a global satellite communication and navigation tool with our free Earthmate app:

  • Worry-free navigation and journey tracking.
  • Unlimited access to downloadable topographic maps and NOAA charts on your paired mobile device.
  • Automatically syncs with your mobile device’s address book for easy texting.
  • Pairs via Bluetooth.

Explore Web Portal

Prepare and share your journey with family and friends with our Explore web portal:

  • Share your location and trip details with MapShare, including tracking and GPS information.
  • Invite others to “ping” your inReach to see your location, activate tracking and exchange messages.
  • Load preset messages to your inReach.
  • Link to your social media accounts.
  • View all your previous trips and messages.
  • Manage your account and settings, including emergency contacts.
  • Update your inReach firmware.

Use It. Abuse It. But Don’t Lose It.

Prepare and share your journey with family and friends with our Explore web portal:

  • Color screen with predictive, virtual keyboard for standalone two-way messaging.
  • GPS accuracy to +/- 5 meters.
  • Waterproof/dustproof (IP67; standard submersion to 1 meter for 30 minutes).
  • Impact-resistant (Mil-STD-810F for vibration/shock).
  • 100 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view to the sky.”

Bike Lights

My main front bike light is a lezyne 1100xl, its bright, has lots of settings and has a long battery life, and able to charge from a micro usb, so is excellent when away. I have found accessing the usb to be troublesome sometimes but overall its a really great light.

For the rear I use a back light brought as a present, its been everywhere and no doubt provided some entertainment for those behind me.

Helmet lights

For my helmet light, I use a exposure joystick 3 i think it is, its ace and quality and robustness is worth the cost, it has a usb charging facility so i can charge from the field, however it does mean carrying another cable. It has loads of setting and is easy to turn on and off.

One cautionary note the light holder on the helmet can cause an obstruction and get snagged in trees and branches, i have had this and it hurts to be suddenly pulled by your troat from the bike at speed, so if you get one take it off in the day, or be very mindful.


Headtorch and main torches

I have had dozens of headlights in the past, all i thought were the shizz at some point. however i have been using the Petzl myo rxp for the last several years and is ace, it has 4 setting and a great battery life, it comes with a direct or defussed lens, which easily flips over the light.

I have used this for work, rigging at festivals and events and as my main outdoor head torch, its comfortable and does what its meant to well. Highly recommended.

head torch

For a main torch I have a Jetbeam cree torch which is amazing, but eats batteries its weighty and uses 18650 batteries so requiring a charge at home. I never use this anymore, choosing to us my exposure light as i can charge it in the field and is just as bright.