The Where

The Planned Routes.


So initailly I really wanted to head to South America and bike from north to south, but this takes extended resources and time, so I have for the time being just been happy to get away whenever I can both in the UK and abroad. When and where I plan to go changes depending on my mood and what i feel i have left in the uk to hold onto. Sometimes when I am down and it feels like i have no one, i want to sell everything i have and head out and just see how far i can get around the world, other times I wish for just a belonging here and am happy doing mini adventures whenever i can. One thing I consistantly feel when i am away on adventures is that i dont want it to end and that i could continue to bike day in day out 8-12 hours a day, happily.

The south America ream ride

A series of multi day, bike packing routes crossing the high mountain passes of the Andes mountain Range in Peru and Chile, with heights of around 5000m the routes extend in some cases over large expanses of unhabituated remote landscapes.

Given the max height gained on these routes altitude will have to be taken into consideration, including adequate acclimatisation and monitoring of on going tell tale signs of altitude sickness.

As the mountain regions are prone to varible and severe weather patterns at any time of year I will be using  my 4 season equipment to ensure it survives most things the weather can throw at it, I hope.

Routes will be added to as I type and plan them up clink on the links below or follow the navigation menu to view planned routes by country.